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healing centered | trauma trained



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your body's

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

― Anais Nin


below are descriptions of services i offer.

sessions are tailored to your specific needs at the time,

which of course change with the seasons of our lives. 

***please note that rates increase July 1st to $125/$185 respectively**

60-minute* sessions - $108

90-minute* sessions - $145

*time includes intake and integration post treatment

application of gentle pressure and movement along the lymphatic pathways to support the movement of fluid out of the interstitial tissues and into the circulatory system where it can be processed by the organs and thereby be "drained".

this modality supports your immune system, digestive system, detoxification and activates the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation and serves as an analgesic for pain relief.

reduce symptoms from autoimmune disorders, syndromes, fibromyalgia and arthritis. incredibly supportive pre/post-surgery for healing/recovery, and  during pregnancy to reduce swelling.

a nourishing application of massage/bodywork techniques to support the body's innate ability to relax, restore, and heal. 

drawing from swedish, thai bodywork, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release and energy work to release tension, stress and promote relaxation.

please note:

do not practice traditional "deep tissue" massage. my work is rooted in restoring the nervous system to homeostasis and stress reduction. while a gentle approach, it can effectively address the deeper layers of tissue via the fascia and viscera.

support your nervous system with skills for regulation and building resilience for navigating life. somatic experiencing is a powerful psychobiological method for addressing physical and emotional trauma, PTSD, overwhelm, and stress related conditions.


This work is offered in a session style akin to coaching/therapy. 

we begin with foundational practices and regulation skill building. we start working with current ways you are being affected by the symptoms of trauma, we don't dive right into the deep end. the beauty of this work is that what we navigate in one area, ripples through the system and impacts other areas.

can be virtual or in person, please email to schedule virtual sessions.

promoting better birth outcomes and trauma prevention through nourishing, compassionate massage & bodywork.


release tension, improve circulation, relieve discomfort and nourish yourself while you create another human being.

sessions are tailored to your specific needs during the progression of your pregnancy and through your postnatal recovery.

prenatal/postpartum resources and support are available if desired.

information is rooted in holistic birthwork education and prenatal yoga.

innate wisdom resides within each of us, and given the right environment, the body can heal itself. the use of therapeutic touch can assist the nervous system in finding regulation, at which point the body can metabolize or alchemize the stored/stuck stress that has been causing symptoms. being supported and experiencing a compassionate presence can be powerful. together we will navigate the activation that arises, work toward regulation with a focus on building capacity, resilience and self-regulation skills.

this work can reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, ptsd, auto-immune disorders and syndromes 


*please email to schedule a phone call before booking touch work for trauma.*

Sticks and Stones



having always been a seeker of inherent truths, i found my way to a transformational massage school program back in 2006 which changed everything.

 life then led me to explore further modalities, all supporting a deeper understanding of what it means to be a human being and navigating life in this era.

 my work is rooted in holistic and earth-based approaches to healing, with a specific passion for recovery from trauma.  i feel i have answered a calling: to support clients through their healing journey - drawing from all i have learned in courses, but more importantly through my life experiences and my personal healing.

at the core of my work is the understanding that all beings are inherently whole, complete, and perfectly imperfect. in addition, hold a deep knowing that within each being lies a unique healing roadmap - personal to them and them only. i know and understand that it is each being's personal choice to follow that roadmap, and i am there to listen, nourish, support and hold reverence for that pathway to unfold and reveal itself. 

learning that one can't rush their healing has been one of my greatest lessons, leading me to slow down, take time, practice compassion & empathy for oneself and

practice being present in the moment.


it is with a commitment to dismantling the oppressive structures/conditioning we hold within us, that i offer my work in the world. along with a deep prayer that we be released from the grips of trauma and oppression so that all beings may be free.  

leading to healthier relationships, communities and the world as a whole.

i am glad you are here


where ~ when ~ how

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inside the berwyn shops 

1509 w berwyn ave 

suite #203

chicago, il 60640

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phone: (773) 887-0068


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 sundays  8a - 430p

   weekdays 230p - 8p




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